Sources & bibliography on hedges & hedgelaying

Please note that some of the references listed cover hedging only incidentally.  Sources suitable as reference works on hedges are clearly indicated.

AuthorTitle and publisherComments
Angus, AnneHedgerow
Partridge Press 1987
162 pages
Beautifully produced book in the form of a journal describing a particular hedge in West Wales throughout the year.  Marvellous illustrations throughout by Michael Woods
Beddall, J.H.Hedges for Farm and Garden
Faber & Faber 1950
360 pages
Excellent book.  Large section on farm hedges.  Also covers fences, gates, stiles, stone and turf hedges.  Out of print and difficult to find!
Brooks, Alan and Agate, ElizabethHedging
BTCV 1975/1998
123 pages
The best practical guide to hedgelaying.  Also covers planting and establishment.  Updated and much improved in 1998 with much more information on regional styles of hedgelaying.

This book can be accessed online so you can see why you should buy a paper copy. View online.

Burton, RobertNature by the Roadside
EP Publishing 1977
115 pages
Small section on hedges.
Dowdeswell, W.H.Hedgerows and Verges
Allen & Unwin 1987
190 pages
Authoritative and fascinating academic study.
Feltwell, JohnA Guide to Countryside Conservation - Britain's Rural Heritage
WI Books 1989, 160 pages
Includes a chapter on hedgerows. 
Greaves, ValerieHedgelaying Explained 
National Hedgelaying Society 
74 pages
Good practical guide.  Very inexpensive.  Gives more detail than BTCV on different hedging styles.
Hart, EdwardHedge Laying and Fencing
Thorsons 1981
128 pages
A practical guide for the smallholder.  Covers hedgelaying in some detail, also chapters on planting, fencing and walling
Hennell, ThomasThe Countryman at Work
Architectural Press 1947
80 pages
Originally a series of articles in The Architectural Review.  Mainly notable for the author's illustrations.  Short chapters on hedging, hurdle making and the woodman.
Lee, BrianFields & Hedgerows-A Nature Guide
Crowood Press 1985, 128 pages
Emphasis is on flora and fauna throughout.
Le Sueur, A.D.CHedges, Shelterbelts and Screens
Country Life 1951
128 pages
Good chapter on agricultural hedges including description of hedgelaying.  Particularly useful on shelterbelts which are little covered elsewhere in this detail. 
Out of print and difficult to find!
Morley, Margaret and KenThe Great Upheaval - An Account of the Enclosure of Wingrave and Rowsham in 1798
Bucks Print, Aylesbury 1994
62 pages
Fascinating account of a single enclosure act and its impact on a community.
Maclean, MurrayNew Hedges for the Countryside 
Farming Press 1992
276 pages
A comprehensive modern guide, concentrating, as you would expect, on hedge propagation, planting and aftercare.
Martin, George A.Fences, Gates and Bridges  - A Practical Guide
Stephen Greene Press 1974
191 pages
Reprint of this 1887 publication from the USA surprises with a small section on hedges and hedgelaying and advice on suitable hedging plants for the US.
Pollard, Hooper & Moore, Hedges
Collins New Naturalist 1974
256 pages
Indispensable but out of print. If you read only one book about hedges, this should be it!
Rackham, OliverThe History of the Countryside 
Dent & Sons 1986
445 pages
Marvellous, massive and very readable with an excellent section on hedges.
Rackham, OliverThe Illustrated History of the Countryside 
Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1994
240 pages
Beautifully illustrated. Good section on hedges.
Showell, RomolaHedges, Walls and Boundaries
Dryad Press 1986
48 pages
An introduction for children covering walls as well as hedges
Stowe, E.J.Crafts of the Countryside
Longmans 1948
128 pages
Short chapter on hedging.  Other chapters cover dry stone walling and hurdle making
Streeter, D and Richardson, RDiscovering Hedgerows
BBC 1982
160 pages
Concentrates on flora and fauna.  Follows two hedges month by month through the season.  Nicely illustrated.
Thomas, Eric & White, John THedgerow
Dorling Kindersley 1982
46 pages
Simple text, beautiful colour illustrations.  Suitable for children.
Wilson, RonThe Hedgerow Book
David & Charles 1979
204 pages
Concentrates on hedgerow plants and animals.
Young, ArthurGeneral View of the Agriculture of the County of Hertforshire (1804)
David & Charles Reprints 1971
236 pages
Fascinating study of the rural economy of Herts in the early 19th century.  Young covers hedgelaying in some detail, including a series of plates and remarks that Herts was where it was most widely practised.

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