December 2000. Holmwood First School, Milton Keynes. 77 yards Midland Style.
Hawthorn, blackthorn and crab apple
Before picture looking from school After picture looking from school
Before picture looking towards swimming pool
After picture looking towards swimming pool
Holmwood School hedge detail
Holmwood School hedge detail

December 2000.  Soulbury Millennium Green. Hand trimming ash hedge laid previous season
Soulbury Millennium Green hedge sporting one years regrowth
Soulbury Millennium Green hedge after hand trimming
Each trimmed shoot should produce two new shoots next season thickening hedge

December 2000. Goosey Cottage, Dinton, Bucks.  77 yards Midland Style. Hawthorn, elm, field maple.

December 2000. Great Billington, Beds.  89 yards South of England Style plum hedge.
Plum hedge before laying, which has suckered to cover whole verge Laid plum hedge revealing plum trees from old orchard
Once binders in place, stakes can be hammered home before tops trimmed Great Billington plum hedge detail

December 2000. Nursery Road, Nazeing, Essex. 27 yards Midland Style hawthorn hedge.
Nursery Road hedge before laying Nursery Road hedge during laying
Nursery Road hedge detail
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