January 2001. Weedon Lane, Amersham. 24 yards South of England Style blackthorn hedge.
Low hedge, very gappy at bottom Laid hedge will grow back vigorously from the base

January 2001.  Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. 56 yards Midland style hawthorn and elm hedge
General view before laying, tall elm had been topped previously
General view after laying
Hedge has encroached down bank into and over ditch This is the same section of hedge after laying as in the picture on the left!

January 2001. Westlington Farm, Dinton, Bucks.  44 yards South of England hedge.  Plum, hawthorn, field maple and spindle.
View with delapidated fence still in place Fence removed revealing 15 year old maiden hedge
View of finished hedge Detail view of this dense South of England hedge

January 2001. Hinton Crossing Cottage, Forty Green, Bucks.  33 yards Midland style blackthorn, hawthorn and elm hedge
General view before laying General view after laying this Midland style hedge
Gappy end section before laying Typical tapered finish at end of hedge section
Help with the clearing up from these splendid Jacobs sheep
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