122 yards hawthorn hedge, Great Kingshill, staked every three paces, no binders
Work in progress View from start of hedge
              back to start of hedge

Hazel hedge repair Stewkley
This hedge was created from four or five stools of hazel in 2004 and has been well maintained by the owner ever since. 
At one end it had thinned where a tree had fallen across it.  The adjacent hazel was allowed to grow up so that it could fill in the gap.
              view... Same view

10 yards hawthorn and plum hedge, Steeple Claydon, Midland style
The householder had started to strip ivy out of this hedge but stopped when this revealed how gappy the base of the hedge was.
              view, very overgrownm with iovy, some of which has already
              been cut and showing brown View
              with all ivy stripped out
              Midland style hedge Close-up of finished hedge

2012 National Championships, my section, 10 yards Midland style hawthorn
I was pleased with the section of hedge that I drew this year, but as there was no-one working beyond me, the end of the hedge tapers away to nothing....
My section before My section complete
My section before My section complete

Prestwood, Bucks, 100 yards hazel hedge with hawthorn, blackthorn, dogwood, spindle, field maple, oak
Massive hazel hedge on chalk with flints, live staking used to retain hedge between fence behind and slope in front.
One of many large hazel stools with my chainsaw in
              there to show size. Hawthorn in centre being left as a
              standard. Same view as left, laid with live
              stake retained at left of hazel stool to retain next
              section of hedge. Firewood foreground from surplus hazel.
              section before, showing chainsaw for scale Same view as left laid, again
              with live stake to retain hedge
Oak tree in there somewhere.....
... and revealed in all its splendour.

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