24 yards beech hedge, Wigginton, South of England style
A sparse but tall predominantly beech hedge which made a tidy laid hedge
Section before.... ...and after laying
Looking back to start of hedge Completed section
              showing tall holly laid into hedge

25 yards neglected hornbeam hedge, Wigginton
A very unusual project making a recognisable hedge from this long neglected row of old hornbeam which had grown out over the verge towards the light.  The young laurel hedge behind the hornbeam will now be removed.

              of a challenge!!!!
Before view from drive
Same view afterwards
              view from the gate
Same view afterwards
View from far end before .......
... and after

2012 North Bucks hedgelaying competition - hawthorn with some elm, my section, 10 yards Midland style hawthorn
I drew a reasonable section of hedge and won third prize in my class.
My section before
My section completed My section complete

  Barton le Clay, Beds.  Relaying a 29 yard plum hedge using live stakes
I previously laid this hedge in November 2002 - see here - and latterly the owner had let it grow up again.  The original laid stems were still sound so rather strip them out, the new growth was laid into the existing hedge retaining live stakes for a taller and thicker overall result.
Before view with
              previously laid stems visible Same view as left, laid
              retaining live stakes.
View from other end before..... ... and after.

Marsworth, Herts, 14 yards elm hedge laid South of England style
General view before....
... and after laying.
General view
... and after.

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