278 yards hawthorn and blackthorn hedge, Ridgmont, Midland style
A well managed hedge which had thinned at the base and was ideal for laying.  The gappy base was permitting muntjak deer through which was triggering this commercial customer's alarm system.  Even before laying was completed the client had noticed the reduction in false callouts they were getting.
Section before.... ...and after laying
Looking back to start of hedge Top view showing width
              of brush on field side
Hedge thin at base
              but well trimmed and ideal for laying Work well under way
Contrast between laid
              hedge and unlaid section beyond Looking back to start of hedge
Nice view,
              but note the poor state of the hedge in the background
Final section..... Work in progress on final section

10 yards privet hedge laid South of England style
Although not laid very often, privet can make a good laid hedge as shown here.  This hedge had become very wide and it had been cut back to reclaim space in the garden before it was decided to have it laid
Hedge has been cut back hard to reclaim garden Same view afterwards
Privet hedge closeup

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