38 yards hawthorn and plum, Crawley Green Infants School, Luton, South of England style

A relative rarity - a chance to lay a section of hedge I had laid previously - in 1995. At the time it had been very awkward and some stems had had to be laid higher than was ideal, but the regrowth generated since gives more choice of material this time allowing all these cuts to be made low to the ground. A guiding principle when hedgelaying is that the resultant hedge should always be easier for the next person to lay than it was for you. Where a hedge is very awkward, as this hedge was originally, not all the problems can necessarily be fixed in one go, but it should be possible next time round, as here.
              view from end of hedge Same view close up showing old high stems but also
              some previous regrowth from lower down
Same view
              complete - all stumps now low to ground

View from end of hedge before.... ...and

Work in progress...
...same view complete

End of
              hedge at large hazel stool

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