40 yards mixed maiden hedge, hedgelaying course, Maulden Wood, Beds. Midland Style

I instructed on this two day course organised by the Greensand Trust. The participants produced a very sound and tidy hedge.
Starting to trim back unwanted brush... Completed hedge
              high standard for a beginners' hedge Participants in front of their hedge

15 yards garden hedge, Drayton Parslow, Beds. Midland style

The height and uniformity of this hedge allowed a very consistent finish to be achieved.
One passer-by told the owner that having the hedge laid had added 20k to the value of the house!

In the fourth picture you can see where two stems were laid the other way to give some brush at the end of the hedge and also where a couple of stems laid last time have been retained and their regrowth incorporated into the hedge
              before laying Hedge
              before Hedge
              of finished hedge

433 yards field hedge, hawthorn and blackthorn, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks, Midland Style

The farmer qualified for grant assistance under the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme which covered most of the cost of laying this hedge ( the December entry is a continuation of this hedge along the previous field )
View before
              from far gate View after
              from far gate
Initial view
              from near gate Ash trees revealed!
Near section
              bridges the two fields Detail of
              start of hedge at gate

The picture on the left below shows a dead, though still solid stump retained to support a laid stem.
The picture on the right below shows how what on the face of it appeared a very awkward stem was used by first trimming protruding stems at the front to make a sound base for what would have otherwise been a very unstable stem, then laying the stem and then laying the long top stem which is itself supported by another fork of the same plant!
All is very solid even without any stakes in yet and bridges a large gap whilst retaining sufficient material in the base of the hedge.

Leaving a
              dead stump for support Dealing with
              an awkward pleacher
              lump is a coppiced goat willow General view along hedge
View looking
              back to large ash tree Hedgelaying
              in the fog
The farmer
              has made two large mounds of brush for burning

The two pictures below show a relatively rare opportunity to lay a hedge either side of a style
Stile before
              hedge laid Stile after hedge laid

The two pictures below show the final short section of hedge the other side of the second gate
Short final
              section of hedge by second gate after ...and after.

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