190 yards hedge, Ascott, Bucks. Midland and South of England Styles

Not all of this hedge was layable but four separate sections could be laid

The first section featured lots of ha
Work in
              progress. Hazel with a section of blackthorn in the
              centre. Gate section laid, metal gateposts remain
              uniform hazel section
              along length of hedge Detail
              of Midland staking and binding

The second and shortest section was all blackthorn....
              section before Second section

The third section was very dense blackthorn and created a huge pile of brush in front of the completed hedge....
              section before laying
              of third section Work in
End of
              third section Looking
              back to start of third section
Large piece of
              cherry with a kink gives a nice end to the hedge Third section
Hard to see
              completed hedge with all the brush in front!

The fourth section was blackthorn with some hawthorn and thinner and laid South of England style which, with brush front and back for a denser finish....

Fourth section
              looking from the start Fourth section looking back to the start
Fourth section
              complete looking from start Fourth
              section complete looking from end
              in progress
Detail showing stakes and binders Binding at end of hedge tucked in securely

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