National Hedgelaying Championship 27th October 2001

Dutch hedgelaying

This is a tall double brushed hedge laid without adding stakes or binders.  However, every few yards a live stake is left for strength.  Rather than just cut the top off the live stake it is itself laid high in the opposite direction to the rest of the hedge, providing additional height
Making final adjustments to this demonstration Dutch style hedgeFinished Dutch hedge


Lancashire hedge being laidCompleted Lancashire hedge with stakes alternating either side


This is the Midland section that really caught my eye. Wonderfully even, dense and superbly bound.Another fine and very dense section of Midland hedge

Another excellent Midland section


After last year's demonstration Somerset hedge, it was nice to see a Somerset class in this year's championship. Crooks can be used at either side of the hedge and may themselves secure sturdy rods which hold the top of the hedge firm. 
Knocking in the crooks on a Somerset hedgeSomerset hedge showing diagonal rods securing top of hedge

South of England

Very fine South of England Open Class hedge


Very fine Yorkshire hedge.  The top rail is held by stakes either side.

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