Root laying

1. Easy root laying

In this method an easily accessible single root is retained in preference to the main stump of the pleacher
  • In the hawthorn hedge below the stem growing from the left stump has been completely severed from the stump 
  • However, it remains alive via the vertical secondary root that has been retained
  • This is a useful technique for lowering the base of a hedge on an eroded bank or where roots are exposed


2. Full root laying

This is very time consuming and should only be used where there is no alternative.
The only way to utilise this stem is by root laying A lot of work, but the severed roots should create several new plants
  • Full root laying is only used where the stem is very gnarled and cannot be laid in the normal way
  • It is a last resort and very time consuming since you have to dig round the base of the stem severing most of the roots with a mattock or spade leaving just one or two attached in front of the stem in the direction of laying
  • The stem can then be pulled over into the required position
  • Severing the other roots serves to split the plant, creating new plants

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