Paul Blissett Hedgelaying

30 years hedging in Bucks, Beds & Herts
Twelve miles of hedge laid since 2000
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November 2000

The Old Mill Stanbridge, 60 yards hawthorn, South of England

This hedge had become difficult for the client to manage and was hiding the view beyond

Before ...

... after

Some of this hedge was pretty chunky

Me standing in front of the finished hedge

Soulbury Millennium Green, 36 yards species rich hedge of hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, field maple and elm, Midland Style

Laying the front hedge was part of the work done for the Soulbury Millennium Green project

Looking to the end with work in progress

Looking back to the start with rosehips standing out

This section is predominantly field maple ...

... and here it's mostly hawthorn

115 yards hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, sycamore, goat willow, Midland Style, Cublington Road, Wing.

Two hedgelaying weekends instructing BTCV volunteers

This is about as challenging a hedge as one can take on with volunteers and they did a really good job on it ...

... as you can see; there's a lot of big material in this hedge

Putting on the binders as the fire burns the brash in the background

The pretty much obligatory end-of-task group photo