Paul Blissett Hedgelaying

30 years hedging in Bucks, Beds & Herts
Twelve miles of hedge laid since 2000
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December 2000

77 yards hawthorn, blackthorn and crab apple, Midland Style, Holmwood First School, Milton Keynes.

A massive hedge, as wide as it was tall, everything was done by hand,

... and after, Midland style. This really is the same hedge!

Looking to end of hedge before ...

... and after

Completed section in distance and front sided up ready for laying in foreground

Detail of completed hedge


December 2000.  Soulbury Millennium Green. Hand trimming ash hedge laid previous season

I laid this ash hedge in April 2000 and this is how much it had grown by December the same year.
This is one reason why you don't come across many ash hedges, that and its reluctance to put out side shoots to create a bushy hedge

Looking from the start before ...

... and after

Newly hand-trimmed hedge detail

77 yards hawthorn, elm, field maple, Midland style, Goosey Cottage, Dinton, Bucks.

The boundaries of this property needed a bit of TLC and there were several layable sections


Main section of hedge before ...

... and after

Close up of a second section of hedge


Great Billington, Beds.  89 yards plum hedge, South of England, Great Billington. Beds

This hedge had become very tall and difficult to manage and was also gappy at the bottom making it ideal for laying

This plum hedge has suckered to cover whole verge, before ...

... and after, revealing plum trees from old orchard

It's easier and safer to hammer the stakes home once the hedge has been bound

Plum hedge detail


27 yards Midland Style hawthorn, Nursery Road, Nazeing, Essex

As well as tidying up the hedge and simplifying future management, laying also gave a fine view of the lake beyond

Before ...

... and detail, work in progress

This was the view of the lake beyond once the hedge had been laid!