Paul Blissett Hedgelaying

30 years hedging in Bucks, Beds & Herts
Twelve miles of hedge laid since 2000
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October 2005

Stone churchyard, Bucks,  57 yards hawthorn, plum, field maple.  Midland style

General view before laying
General view of work in progress
Garth prepares stakes for me behind the hedge General view of completed hedge
Completed hedge from other direction
Detail showing binding and thickness of field maple on Church side of hedge


Wren Davis, Prestwood.  45 yards hawthorn Midland hedge
General view of hedge before laying
Work in progress
Detail of completed hedge General view of completed hedge
Detail of completed hedge


2005 East Anglia Competition, Barton, Cambs.  11 yards hawthorn
My section before laying
My section completed


2005 National Championships, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.  10 yards mixed hedge, South of England
Completed hedge from track being assessed by judges Finished hedge from field side
The judges do their job.  My hedge won third prize in the South of England intermediate class