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March 2010

Wiggington, 83 yards overgrown hawthorn & spindle hedge, live stakes, no binding 

Hedge              before laying Work in progress
Views of this overgrown hedge which was up to 30ft tall and in places covered in ivy
Live stake kept off back of pleacher Live              stake in context
Live stake, above left, kept from stump of last pleacher (which reaches as far as the previous live stake which is just visible) by starting the cut extra high. This live stake was needed to secure the next section of the hedge.  Live stakes were essential to ensure this substantial hedge which ran both uphill and across a slope was secure and would be stockproof.
Live stake closeup Completed              section of hedge
This live stake is actually the base of a laid stem and has been cut vertically in half to allow regrowth from base and to make space to lay the next stems into the line of the hedge
Section of completed hedge showing large amount of surplus material either side cut out of hedge.
Far side of hedge showing live stake detail Looking back up completed hedge
Detail showing both full height and half height live stakes securing the hedge.
View looking back up completed hedge.  As well as the live stakes, extra stakes were added every 3 feet cut flush with top of hedge so they are unobtrusive.