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Twelve miles of hedge laid since 2000
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October 2013

44 yards mixed maiden hedge, Little Marlow, Midland style
This hedge was about 12 years old and is being laid for the first time

Start of hedge              before... ...and after
Looking              back to start of hedge
End of hedge              before... ...and trimmed              ready for laying
...and              complete
Regrowth a year later Another view of regrowth a year              later


103 yards hawthorn, plum and holly hedge with ash and field maple standards, Little Gaddesden
This old and long neglected hedge was laid using live stakes for strength and economy. The intention is to further thicken it with selected planting where there are gaps with no signs of holly or plum (which sucker and so fill in gaps naturally)
Initial view              from first ash tree back to start of hedge Initial section, cattle browsing the laid hedge
Initial              section complete, browsed but still intact
Intial section before laying Initial section after laying
First group of ash before hedge              laid First group of ash after hedge              laid
Work in progress Several tall holly left to grow on              as trees
General              view of completed hedge
Unidentified fungus growing quite extensively on this              site

Burwash Manor Championships, 10 yards South of England
This tall old hedge made a reasonable laid hedge
My section before My section complete

National Championships, Waddesdon, Bucks, my Midland style section
Maiden mixed hedge with quite a bit of field maple which was outgrowing everything else in the hedge by miles
My section before laying My section complete
Another view of my completed section