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November 2014

121 yards mixed maiden hedge, Maulden Wood, Beds

Mostly newly planted maiden hawthorn hedge with part pre-existing hawthorn hedge and a wire stock fence tight to the back of the hedge.

This maiden hedge was in an ideal state for laying. The planting density was very high, allowing live stakes to  be retained alternate sides of the hedge about 6 feet apart or so rather than using dead stakes, representing a very significant cost saving to the client. The live stakes are trimmed to height afterwards making them as unobtrusive as possible. They are easiest to spot in the last but one picture below. The hedge was laid double brushed, i.e. bushy both sides.

The use of spiral tree guards had helped maintain a very high survival rate of the original plants, but also meant that there was no lateral growth at the bottom of the hedge making it particularly sparse at the base.

View before              looking up hill View after              looking up hill
Looking down hill before.... ...and after
Looking up hill before... ...and after
Very cute              sheep nibbling back of hedge
Close up              showing live stakes Close up              showing live stakes
Here you can              see a stake at the back as well as two at the front General view              of completed hedge
40 yards maiden mixed hedge, Midland style, Little Marlow, Bucks

Continuing work on a hedge that is being laid gradually year by year
The later pictures were taken almost a month after the initial ones which explains the lack of leaves.
View              from start of section to be laid. Work in              progress
Oak trees now              stand clear of the hedge
Hedge contained              a single large hawthorn, one stem already laid... ..and now four              more filling in a large gap to the left.
Detail of              hedge, it's very dense!
Looking from              end of hedge back towards the start Obligatory sunset shot!