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November 2015

44 yards privet hedge, Wavendon, Bucks. Midland style
It's not often that you come across a privet hedge that is substantial enough to be laid....
Roadside view              before... ... and after
Laurel at the              far end makes this even more unusual! Work in              progress
Completed section close up General view of              completed hedge
46 yards hornbeam hedge, Dinton, Bucks

Another relative rarity, not only a hornbeam hedge, but also as a hedge that I had laid six years previously (see here and note how thin the original hedge was then).

The owner had kept the sides of the hedge trimmed but allowed the top to grow up again. This allowed a much denser hedge to be produced second time around, leaving as much of the original laid hedge in  situ as possible. The use of live stakes gave a very strong hedge on completion, particularly important as this hedge is on a sideways slope
View from start before laying.... View from start, work in progress....
Detail of              section before re-laying

The image to the left shows that bottom of the hedge remains dense from when it was previously laid.

Selective retention of live uprights allowed the new growth to be laid back into the existing hedge for a strong, dense result that is very cost effective as no stakes and binders were required.

You can see how this works in the two images below
Start of third section Work in              progress