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January 2018

37 yards hawthorn, holly, beech, yew and plum, Beaconsfield, South of England style

The requirement was to improve the overall appearance and to stop two black labradors escaping into the neighbour's garden, so I used sturdy ash stakes and binders on this hedge - just to make sure. This hedge had been laid in the distant past.

Front garden before ...

... and after

View from neighbour's side

Regrowth by 11th May

Section by side of house before ...

... and after

Regrowth by 11th May

"Shed section". Yes, there used to be a shed in front of this bit! Before ...

... and after

Looking to back garden, from neighbour's side. A white garden chair blocks a gap to stop dogs coming through, before ...

... and after - chair no longer needed!

Looking to house, from neighbour's side, before ...

... and after. The hedge morphed into garden shrubbery at this point.
Two stems laid the other way to fill the gap at the end.

Back garden, before ...

... and after

Regrowth by 11th May

30 yards mixed field hedge, hawthorn, hazel, ash, South of England, Pednor

The customer wanted to open up the view from her house

View before laying with view beyond hedge obscured ...

... and after, with view beyond hedgerow revealed

View from start of hedge before laying ...

... after laying ...

... and regrowth on 3rd June

View from end of hedge, before laying ...

... same view, regrowth on 3rd June

Hedgelaying and training/supervision of Greensand Trust Rangers laying 86 yards hawthorn and holly hedge using living stakes, Ampthill Park

Not only were there enough stems to use live stakes, but the ground was very sandy so dead stakes were not going to be very effective

Start of hedge before ...

... and after

Start of hedge before ...

... and after

Start of hedge before ...

... and after

Taking shape, with live stakes supporting hedge

The live stake, centre, awaits a slanted cut angled down to the front

Two live stakes have been left and this section of hedge is being laid  between them creating a very strong hedge

Making progress


12 yards hazel and field maple, South of England, Beacons Bottom

The customer wanted the view over the hedge and to simplify maintenance


View from driveway before ...

... and after

The laid hedge is very compact

View from road before ...

... after

Customer photo of 15th July - the hedge has just had its first trim