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March 2018

37 yards hawthorn, hazel and blackthorn, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes

View towards back garden before ...

... and after, Midland style

Looking towards back of house before ...

... and after, Midland style

Front hedge sparser and better as a South of England hedge, before ...

... and after, South of England

40 yards South of England hawthorn hedge, Cholesbury, Herts

A tall, leggy and gappy hedge. The owner wanted something more compact and easier to manage

Looking from the start before ...

... and after

Looking from the end before ...

....and after

Close-up of start of hedge


48 yards South of England mixed maiden hedge, Cookham Dean

Looking to start of hedge before ...

... and after

View across lawn, before ...

... and after

Looking to end of hedge, before ...

... and after

View from other side showing attractive curved aspect

30 yards South of England hawthorn and plum, Wingrave

The customer wanted to open up the view beyond the hedge and generally tidy the hedge

View before from the house. That's me walking along the hedge.

... and after. Clearing up remains to be done on the far side of the hedge.

RIght hand section was a curved section of hawthorn, here laid and staked ...

... and here bound and complete.

Left hand section, mostly plum, before ...

... part laid and staked ...

... and complete, with clearing up in the field behind remaining

Left hand section complete

Both sections complete. The gap between them is for field access.