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April 2019

70 yards predominantly hazel hedge, Primrose Copse, Wharf Row, Buckland

Just in case you're in any doubt where we are.

Looking back to start of hedge before...

...same view, work in progress.

Looking from start of hedge before ...

...same view, work underway...

...same view complete.

Looking from end of the hedge before laying. The tall multi stemmed plant in the foreground is a large elder that will be removed...

... and complete. Some of the hedge has been laid the opposite way to fill the gap left by removing the elder.

The end of the hedge. The elder has been removed, creating a gap...

... and some of the hedge is laid the other way to fill the gap.

Start of hedge laid South of England style... of hedge is much more substantial and supported using live stakes.

Here you can see how tightly the live stakes are containing the very tall stems laid into this hedge.

This is the same section of hedge as the previous image, viewed from the side.