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November 2020

Whiteleaf, 22 yards mixed maiden hedge, mostly hazel and field maple laid South of England style

Hedge before laying...

...same view, hedge laid & staked...

...staked and bound...

...binders levelled, stakes trimmed and hedge given final tidy-up.

View from other end before laying...

...same view complete

View from front patio before...

...view from front patio after.

Detail of completed hedge

Detail showing left to right, hazel, blackthorn, field maple and more hazel

A relatively rare example of a hedge being kept in a pristine state having been pruned with secateurs, 19th February 2023...

...same view looking other way


Frieth, 33 yards mixed maiden hedge, laid South of England style

View before...

...same view hedge complete

Close-up view from shed end, before...

... and after

View from holly tree, before...

...and after

Shed end complete

Completed hedge

This hedge had a very good variety of native species - here from left to right are hazel, wayfaring tree, field maple, spindle and dogwood

This section has field maple, blackthorn and dogwood

This section features privet which is a native British hedge species

Aylesbury, 10 yards hawthorn and elm hedge, laid South of England

The client wanted to be able to see past the end of their garden to the school playing field beyond.

Probably the hedge with the densest ivy I have ever worked on. When assessing a hedge you must check there are enough stems and that they are sound at the base. Here all you can see is the ivy and the tips of whatever else is growing in there at the top. If there isn't anything else showing then unless it's recently been trimmed it's just ivy.
A combination of dense ivy and mesh fencing trapped leaf litter to a height of about three feet.
Undaunted, the client undertook a large number of trips to the tidy tip to keep on top of the clearing up!

View before, just to the left is the side post of their garden gate.

Work in progress. The ivy has to be carefully stripped out, along in this case with mesh fencing. Note the height to which leaf letter has accumulated. The first day was spent clearing the hedge.

It was a very foggy couple of days when I worked on the hedge with very poor light. The client kindly sent me some images afterwards including this one.

Another client image showing very straight staking

View from the other side looking back to the house