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October 2021

Marsh Gibbon, Bucks, 105 metres elm and hawthorn hedge laid South of England style. Previously laid leaving some high stumps. There was a deep, steep sided ditch beyond with the far side very overgrown and in separate ownership, so I could only take down taller material that would not fall onto the neighbour's land, hence the large number of trees left standing on completion. This hedge was laid under the Countryide Stewardship Scheme and was to include a post and wire fence to the front on completion.

Initial view from start of hedge. The owner's son had laid much of this hedge leaving just 105 yards remaining... underway. Excess material has been piled to the left...


View from end of hedge before...

...and after

The left-most stem had been laid the other way last time. I've repeated this and laid new growth back in the same direction as the rest of the hedge. This is called reverse laying and fortuitously here I was able to tuck the loose far end snugly into an elm stump to secure it.

There was lots of surplus elm and hawthorn from the hedge I was able to take away as firewood...

...and here's all the firewood from this hedge back at home

Same view, before...

...and after

Some of the stems left standing are on the far side of the ditch, as is the bramble.

Getting towards the end

View from the ditch side, this is the side of a Midland hedge you would usually see, but it's very difficult to photograph with the trees that had to be left and the overgrown bank on the neighbour's side.

The occupants of the field made regular visits to check on progress

The client kindly allowed me to use their Gator to get all my gear over the field to the hedge and the firewood back to the car. Here the curved clear door reflects the sunset behind the hedge.

Tebworth, Beds, 15 metres elm and hawthorn hedge fronting building development site. Laid South of England style. There was no evidence of this hedge having been previously laid.

Same view before...

...and after

Looking towards entrance, post and wire fence visible and there was an old post and rail fence in there too, before...

...and after

Same view, before...

...and after

Detail of this South of England hedge