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February 2022

Sandy Smith Nature Reserve, Clophill. 236 metres mixed maiden hedge laid with live stakes for the Greensand Trust.

Start of main section before, though if you look carefully you can see I've laid some of it further down..

..almost done, just  the far end still to do...

...and how it looked on 28th April 2022

...same section of hedge viewed from position of car in previous image, summer residents still present, 28th October 2022.

Car park section from start before...


...same view 28th April 2022

...and same view 28th October 2022

Car park section from far end before...

...just after

..and same view 28th October 2022

Work in progress looking back to start...

...same view looking from start with live stakes visible

The aim is to create a dense laid hedge that will grow from the bottom

Section with width restriction to stop unauthorised vehicular access before...

...same section regrowing 28th April 2022

Main section looking towards far end, 28th April 2022. The white blob is the top of a live stake just showing

Main section looking towards the car park, 28th April 2022...

...same view 28th October 2022

Regrowth from a laid hawthorn stump, 28th April 2022