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April 2022

Rickmansworth, a sparse and leggy 10 metre front garden hawthorn hedge

End of hedge before...

..same view after

Front of hedge before...

...and after...


Sarratt, a 120 metre mixed maiden hedge under trees at the bottom of a traditional orchard planted by the clients. Laid South of England style. The client had also planted the hedge and wanted it laying to thicken it.

Sheep are used to keep the grass in check in the orchard. The one on the right moonlights as a Boris Johnson lookalike

Hedge before looking to start

Hedge before looking to end

Work in progress, looking to start of hedge

Work in progress, looking from start of hedge

Work in progress - hedge to right of oak tree laid and staked.

Work progress - binding underway

Hedge on 8th April...

...noticeably greener by 15th April

The large trees behind the hedge are the original field boundary onto a sunken lane. Some limbing up of the trees has been done to let more light to the hedge.

View from other side of hedge looking to start of hedge.Very little needed cutting out of the hedge and the arisings were left this side of the hedge to rot

15th April - hedge is now greening up very rapidly

Hedge on 16th October with binders partially obscured by regrowth