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March 2016

65 yards hawthorn hedge, Denham, Bucks. South of England style. The customer wanted the view to the other side

Looking to top end of hedge before...

...and work underway

View towards oak tree before...

...and work underway

Closeup of hazel stakes and binders

View from far side of hedge

View past oak tree, hedge completed

Tapered end to hedge, firewood saved to the right


65 yards hawthorn with ash standards, Bow Brickhill, Beds. Crop & pleach. The live stakes are called crops and the laid stems are the pleachers

In marked contrast to the previous hedge, this one is about as tall and heavy a hedge as one can lay, especially working on one's own as hedgelayers typically do. It would have been impossible to secure this hedge by adding stakes in the conventional way. Live stakes retained alternately each side of the hedge and the hedge laid down the middle


View towards triple stemmed ash, before...


...well past the triple ash now...

...and finished!

This view along the top of the hedge with work in progress shows how compact the hedge is given the size of the material

View from the front showing how dense and solid the end result is

The back of the hedge is as solid and tidy as the front with more brush

Another view from the front showing the mountain of brush beyond the post and rail fence that has come out of the hedge

View towards the end of this very solid hedge

View towards the end of the hedge and another group of ash retained on the verge