Paul Blissett Hedgelaying

30 years hedging in Bucks, Beds & Herts
Twelve miles of hedge laid since 2000
The first and largest hedgelaying website

First find a hedgelayer...

If you live in Bucks, Beds or Herts then please Contact Me. Work further afield may also be possible where there is several days work - don't be shy to ask!

I offer:

  • Over 25 years professional hedgelaying experience
  • I am accredited by the National Hedgelaying Society, accreditation number BLI001-060
  • Surveys and quotations without obligation
  • Hedgelaying for both farms and gardens
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • National Proficiency Tests Council Hedgelaying and Chainsaw certification
  • To tell you if your hedge isn't suitable for laying and what management is appropriate
  • To tell you if your hedge is best left a few years before being laid

In my Portfolio you can search and view the hundreds of hedges I have laid since 2000.

I'm too far away for you to lay my hedge...

I suggest you:

  • Visit the National Hedgelaying Society website hedgelaying contractor page to search for hedgelayers in your area
  • Go along and find a local competitor if there are hedgelaying competitions in your area
  • Look for advertising signs that hedgelayers put up on laid hedges or find out who has laid other hedges locally

Having found a hedgelayer...

  • They will need to visit your hedge to make sure it is suitable and assess the effort required before they can quote
  • Ask to see photos of hedges they have laid (preferably before and after) or go and look at hedges that they have laid
  • Ask what hedgelaying style they propose and why. If they give you a blank look, beware! Local styles should be encouraged as much as possible
  • If stakes and binders are required, ask where they are coming from - ideally they should be helping to sustain local coppice woodland habitats
  • Establish whether clearing up will be included - there is always more of these than you think but be aware that this will significantly add to the cost
  • If it is a large overgrown hedge then there should be plenty of useable firewood.  You may want some or all of this yourself or the hedgelayer may be happy to take some of it away